I’m currently working on two big story projects:

The Undisciplined Dossier

The UnDisciplined Dossier: records of a life beside/s the academy. This dossier includes essays, accounts, fragments and lists about my life as a student and teacher. It’s part intellectual history, part autobiography and part critical and creative response to the current state of higher education.


Inspired by Poverty Creek Journal, which I just finished reading, this story project is structured around a daily log of my training. As I briefly record some details of my run, I hope to add in reflections on running, reading, writing, thinking, feeling, engaging, surviving (post-2016) and being/becoming. The project also includes my running stories, a resources page where I’m archiving books, movies, blogs, articles and more that shape my process (mentally, physically, emotionally) of training to run for four hours without stopping and training plans for running and researching/reading/reflecting/writing.