My Quirky Vision

This weekend I came across a blog about running and low vision. The author/blogger has Stargardt’s, which is similar but a bit more extreme than Best’s, which is what I have. In 2012, as part of an effort to educate others on her experiences as legally blind, she tweeted about her blind moments or, her “brief, or sometimes not so brief, lapse, of sight,” using #blindmoments. She also wrote about it on her blog: Blind Moments

Her effort to document these moments has inspired me to try and document my own quirky vision moments*. I’m starting a list in this post. When I can figure out where I want to put it, I’ll turn it into a page.

*After reading through the below list, I’m not sure if these count as “moments.” Maybe quirky vision examples?

List! My Quirky Vision

  • I can still read out loud, but it takes a lot longer and I often trip over words.
  • Reading cursive ranges from difficult to nearly impossible.
  • I can hardly (if at all) see anything that has low contrast.
  • I can rarely catch a ball.
  • I don’t always see the cursor and can spend several frustrating (and frantic) minutes searching for it on the computer screen.
  • I usually severely under fill glasses because I can’t see the top of the liquid filling up in the glass. Or, I overfill and spill.
  • When I’m waiting at a stoplight, I sometimes lose sight of the light, even when I’m trying to keep focused on it.
  • Quite often, I can’t read the credits for a tv show, especially credits that move very fast.
  • I miss out on a lot of what is going on in tv shows because of how fast the action is happening.
  • I rarely get sight gags in tv shows (like “modern family”) because I don’t see them.
  • It takes a tremendous effort for me to read big letters, like the white ones in this image:

In fact, to read these letters, I had to cup my hands over the top of my eyes and very slowly read the words. It was very difficult.