Site Redesign

While I haven’t been posting as much on this blog lately, I’ve been working hard on planning my project. Hopefully soon I can actually start building it. For now, I’m in the process of tweaking my site, both content and design.  I envision this site as the placeholder for a more elaborate site, designed with the help of Room 34, so I’m trying to keep it pretty basic.

Yesterday I decided to add a background image. Why? Partly because I just figured out that you could do that and it seemed much more interesting than the bland blue that I had been using. Initially I wanted to use a close-up on the weathered boards of the barn or the grain shed, but I really liked this photo my mom took of the farm house:


I must admit, I always found the fake red siding that my grandparents put on the farmhouse to be pretty ugly. But looking at it now, it conjures up strong feelings of being at the farm. I love the contrast between the red siding, the white trim and the bright blue sky. The blue is so intense that I can almost smell the fresh air. I miss that air.