Running Stories

As I continue to think about my upcoming running anniversary (4 years! on June 2nd), I’m archiving interesting running stories/sources. Here are a few more:

Running Toward Boylston: 8 Runners Take on the 2014 Boston Marathon
Tumblr, NPR

I haven’t had a chance to really look through this Tumblr blog, but I like the idea of a collaborative project with more than one runner. I don’t have time to do anything like this for my current project, but it’s something to think about…

My Running Story
Blog Narrative, Running to the Kitchen

I liked reading this narrative. Somewhere on the blog (which I read last week but can’t find now), she mentions that she’s never written her version of the “my running story.” This statement made me curious: Writing a “my running story” is a genre/story form? Yep. I googled it and found a bunch of versions. I think this might be the way I mark the occasion!┬áBut, how to write it and what to include? I’ll think about it some more…