i DO tell stories

  • To not forget.
  • To start conversations.
  • To make connections.
  • To pay attention to and care about the world and its inhabitants.
  • To create meaning.
  • To honor past generations.
  • To exercise a feminist curiosity.
  • To craft the world that I want to live in.
  • To value the daily moments, experiences and encounters.
  • To give an account of who I am and what I believe.
  • To share myself with my kids.
  • To heal.
  • To grieve.
  • To experience and express joy.
  • To make and stay in trouble.
  • To make visible (expose) ideas, perspectives and experiences that have been ignored and/or actively suppressed.
  • To experiment with new online technologies.
  • To find a balance between the critical and creative.

i DON’T tell stories

  • To establish a brand.
  • To sell products or ideas or identities.
  • To tell you how or what to think/believe/be.
  • To find comfort.
  • To cope with my inevitable death.
  • for you (although I deeply appreciate when my stories/accounts resonate with others).
  • that aren’t mine to tell.
  • that do violence to others and their experiences.