Archiving, part one

Step Two: Researching

Yesterday I began reflecting on how I need a more thoughtful and careful methodology for my online storytelling process. Today, after spending some time exporting photos and videos from 2012, 2013, 2014, I’ve decided that I should do some research on the best ways to archive the digital content on my MacBook Air. File Folders? Tags? Multiple copies of each item? A database? Minimal or extensive descriptions of each item?

As I try to answer these questions (and more), here are two sources that I’ve found so far:

While the information found here is pretty basic, I did appreciate the recommendation for creating specific titles, tags and a description of the item and where it’s located. Which tags should I use? Should the summary document be an excel spreadsheet? What other formats could it be in?

Personal Digital Archiving Conference 2015

[Here’s an article about the conference.] Cool! I’m looking forward to reading many of these presentations and maybe watching a video or two. The information from this conference could be useful for my digital archive, Scraps of Memory, on my The Farm project.

Uh oh. I just started skimming through the program and I’m falling down a rabbit hole. So many interesting things to think about in relation to technology, digital archiving, family history. Wow. I find this stuff fascinating and a very important part of the storytelling process.

While reading through one of the talks, I found a link to this Tumblr: Photos die unless we talk about them. Love this project.