Learn in Public

I want them to constantly think and reflect upon their creation and their process of creation so that when someone comes to their site, what they see is an amazing curation of a process for thinking, learning, and being as a person in the 21st century.

Jim Groom

I love this idea of making visible/public the process of creation. That’s what I’m trying to do on this site. My goal is to archive my process of thinking, learning, being…and feeling in the 21st century. Cool.

Here’s what I wrote in my first post for this blog (originally called “The Process” and created specifically for documenting process of working on my Farm project):

While most of the focus is usually on the finished project (the final product), I’m a big fan of making visible the process that goes into that product. I see tremendous value (for me and my readers/co-collaborators) in paying attention to the processes we go through as storytellers in order to engage with and make sense of the memories, experiences, artifacts, ideas, understandings that we’re trying to craft into stories. In fact, I see those processes as important as the product that we ultimately create.

Sara Puotinen