Processing, 25 February

I’ve been working on this book project this for almost four months (with big breaks for holidays and smaller breaks for unexpected difficulties) and it feels like it’s coming together. While I have a lot left to write, I seem to have figured out how to organize and structure my thoughts on teaching.

The Book Book, Volume One

I filled up an entire notebook with notes, quotations, ideas, questions, and “drawings” related to my writing project. It’s the first (of several?) processing notebooks that I’m calling, The Book Books. I’m hoping to scan the entire thing and put it online as part of this project. Is that too tedious? Hmmm….

A Tentative Table of Contents

Through the process of working through my teaching materials, I’ve realized that I’d like to combine my teaching accounts with my students accounts in one (not too big) book entitled, The Undisciplined Dossier: Detailed Records of a Life Beside/s the Academy. Here’s a tentative outline: TOC pdf